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Setup First PBN SIte
Hey SEO Community,

I need suggestion from you guys I hope most of the SEO member have their own PBN.

I want to set up my first PBN but there are lots of confusion in my mind please solve it.

( I got good Expired domain for PBN)

But the following question confuses me.

1. Affordable hosting to host domain ( Not So Costly).

2. Precaution keep in mind before building PBN so it can't come in eyes of Google or getting deindexed.

3.The time interval to link our money site.

4. How to scale PBN for the long term.

5. How to hide them from spying tool( Semrush, Ahrefs,)

6. An example of how PBN look like.

I read lots of blogs and watch youtube video but all the time they added the new thing and I confused so I need your suggestion guys.

Please guide and refer any blog or video perfect to build PBN according to you.

Thank You Shy
Affordable hosting - Turnkey/ Seekahost (If you need Cpanel) or CloudBoss.Pro (For html sites)
There are many things, recommend you to check out some of the courses before.
2-3 months ideally on the least side.
With more domains and a class ips.
There are some htaccess hacks shared on blog.earninglabs.com
Lol No

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