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Make money sms and dating offers
Hey Guys, 

This is a crisp guide which uses the age-old dating method wit a slight twist for sms campaigns. 

For this method, you need an sms sending system with auto-response feature like we have in freesms.io

I will show you how to use the auto-responder feature in FreeSMSPro to promote dating offers and convert them like crazy.

So first things first, you need to start a campaign, call it a dating campaign.

If you have a list to text to then its better, if you don’t have a list just put 1 random number so that the camp can be saved, don’t worry this number is not important.

So you have setup the campaign you have 1 outgoing number for your texts, note that down, you will see it right here in the menu - My Devices. If you have multiple devices, you will see multiple numbers here, you can pick any one of them.

[Image: yvI6HFW.png]

Once you have noted the number, the next task is to market that number all over the internet. You can promote on Facebook groups where guys hangout, or post on forums or blog comments with pics of a hot girl. Go to instagram and pick some hot pics which will get your message some attention.

The message that you are posting everywhere should read like this - Hey Guys, I just moved here and am looking to hang out and make some friends, don’t know many cool places to hang out, could you guys suggest some places? Please text me some recommendations on - (phone number here)

This message would get them into your funnel, once they text, the auto-responder will start texting them back like a sms chat bot and finally send them a dating offer.

Let me show you how to setup the auto-responder really quick, You gotta click on auto-responder and add the keywords you want the sms bot to look in the incoming text and setup auto-replies.

[Image: 2PxMwjJ.jpg]
Keep it slow, don’t spam a link on the first message, build a conversation and then send a link to signup and see money flowing into your affiliate account! Hundreds of dollars a day! Its so easy to promote dating offers with FreeSMSPro.

This is income from 1 day of blast -

[Image: cM15AIk.png]
[Image: NCQktN6.png]
Can we send SMS to any Country or only USA?
Best network for dating offer??
(01-27-2019, 11:02 PM)Hardik Wrote: Can we send SMS to any Country or only USA?

Any country, but others will have different pricing.

(01-27-2019, 11:15 PM)Ravinjsh Wrote: Best network for dating offer??

cashnetwork, advidi, reflexcash
Can we use that for weight loss or Other Nutra offers.
and where from we get the mobile numbers data? Smile
(01-29-2019, 10:12 AM)asimnabeel0 Wrote: Can we use that for weight loss or Other Nutra offers.
and where from we get the mobile numbers data? Smile

he mentioned clearly in the above post to use social media for getting mobile numbers, before that you need to create a fake female facebook account with magnificent dp and you need to find and join FB groups with lots of boys then follow the instructions in the post :Smile
Ps: i never tried this method

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