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How To Spy on Mobile Carrier Ads [Without VPN or Spy Tool]
Couple of years back I had tried Mobile marketing for good 12 months before switching to something else. Although, I wasn’t successful and ended up with the loss of 10L in that year (was it worth?I can't say for sure!), but I did managed to develop my own trick for spying mobile ads/offers specially those targeted carrier traffic.

My failure no way justifies the potential of Mobile marketing and you shouldn't be discouraged by my losses, that's the part of paid marketing! 

What is Carrier traffic and why it is important?
Mobile carrier traffic is basically 3G/4G/LET mobile traffic, the time when user browsers a websites or uses a mobile apps while connected to internet via 3G/4G/LET connection is counted as carrier traffic.

In the world of mobile marketing, carrier traffic is considered as super high quality and is usually expensive as compared to WIFI traffic. Also, the highest paying offers in mobile marketing are the PIN submit/One click offers. Since for these offers to work the users has to be connected to internet directly via carrier and that’s how they get charged directly via carrier billing.

I guess the above explanation would be enough for you guys to make out importance of carrier traffic and why we need to have intelligence over carrier traffic spying.

-        The Adplexity does offer mobile ads spying for carrier traffic but last time I had checked it was not as robust and the tool itself is quite expensive unless you go for group by(not reliable most accounts gets banned way to fast)!
-        3G/LET proxy services aren’t cheap like VPN that you can buy and start spying on mobile ads using any emulator or your own smartphone

So we need to know a way to manually spy on ads and mobile landing pages specifically targeted to carrier traffic.

Things we need,

Google Chrome and following extensions
User Agent Switcher  (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detai...hmmbodake/)
Http Header Modifier – ModHeader (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detai...jpfnnfcklj)
Make sure you install both the extension before proceeding for next steps.

What is ModHeader?
ModHeader is basically a chrome extension which lets you to add custom http headers with value of your choice. The most interesting headers that we are going to use for this is,

X-Forwarded-For (https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs...warded-For)
Via (https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs...eaders/Via)

The Carrier IP address range
We must know what’s the range of ip address allocated and used by telecom operator. This piece of information you can find it using Google and ipinfo.io (One of the best website for any IP information including ISP)

Lets Take one example,

US – in US  there are four major telecom operator, AT&T,  T-Mobile, Verizon and  Sprint. 
Now let say we want to know whats the IP range of Verizon wireless telecom operator. A simple Google search will give us following results
From the list take out the ip address or you can use following search query
site:ipinfo.io “carrier name” like site:ipinfo.io Verizon
And you will get the ip range used and allocated to particular mobile carrier.
All we need is one ip address from that range that’s identified as mobile carrier ip

Take look at following page for Verizon wireless ipinfo.io (https://ipinfo.io/AS701)
[Image: 3u0vp7A.png]

From the Ip Address Ranges section you can see it has range from and so on, So we can safely take or as Verizon wireless carrier ip.
Now go back our ModHeader plugin and add following header name and value 

[Image: kInZdMB.png]
Now click on User-Agent-Switched and select any android or any other smartphone user agent, I will go with Samsung Galaxy S3.

[Image: IuNYcM1.png]

That’s it, we are now ready to start spying on ads !

All you now need to do is to start browsing porn, adult image sharing, APK, Movie streaming and torrent websites and you will start seeing mobile carrier targeted banner, popunder, popover ads. Do make sure to click through to find the interesting landing pages.
Some HOT Big Grin Examples !!

US - Verizon

[Image: bgn2kga.png]

ZA (was hot back in those days for carrier offers - Pin submits)

[Image: 23Aivex.png]
[Image: CVePOVp.png]

EU (Romania)

[Image: 3I8ST6i.png]
[Image: rIRZvYw.png]

Tip: You can create multiple profiles under ModHeader different for each country and carrier ip and quickly switch between.
 [Image: drHAeo5.png]

If you still see local ads than simply change the IP from the rage.

P.S Browsing websites having https protocol may detect your real IPs and this method may not work for spying ads. At the end of the day we are just faking and not actually browsing websites using those IPs, so its not foolproof method.
This method wont work for Videos/Apps or any such thing.
Awesome Share!

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