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DaaZ.com Updates ( Official)
Dear Members,

We have launched a market place for buying and selling domains on 11th of August 2019 and make it available for all starting 13th August 2019.

Going forward we will keep announcing the new features or any other improvements we brought into the platform.

We are also open to hearing the feedback from members of this forum. Feel free to PM or comment on this thread directly.

Best Regards,
DaaZ.com Team
DaaZ.com released a feature of setting up your own personalized domain store and claim the brand URL. DaaZ.com is planning for significant investments into SEO work and this brand URL is going to help the sellers in selling their domain names fast. It's worth grabbing a great brand URL like https://daaz.com/seller/domain/premium-domains  or   https://daaz.com/seller/domain/perfectdomainanmes ..etc Brand URL is unique across DaaZ.com, the first come and first served.

further details about DaaZ's domain store feature can be found @ https://daaz.com/blog/sell-premium-d...-domains-store

Important note: A newly registered user on DaaZ.com only get the buyer's privilege.. If you are looking to sell your domain names on DaaZ.com, you have to make a support ticket or alternatively write to support [at] DaaZ.com. DaaZ.com will help in completing the on-boarding process

Best Regards
DaaZ.com Team
Introducing DaaZ Secure:

DaaZ Secure allows to do secure transaction with offline domain name deals easily with flat 5% of Service Fee.

Offload the charge back stress to DaaZ . Just initiate a transaction and leave the work to DaaZ transfer agents to handle the rest.

To Know more about DaaZ Secure feature can be found @here

Best Regards

DaaZ Support Team

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